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Depending on their skill level, interns learn coding/testing skills or blaze through hard-to-solve problems others do not have the bandwidth to focus on. Some interns convert to full time, and others go on to great careers in the industry with our best wishes. This page is a way of us saying "thanks!" to their brief but impactful contributions to NicheSolv!
If you do not clear our fresher interview, but can convince us about your earnestness, an internship could be the path to a position at NicheSolv. Email us your resume if you're interested!
Saloni Daluka
Christ University
I felt like I was able to contribute to the company by assisting and working on various tasks throughout. I majorly worked on documentation for the company. This included drafting essential documents, presentations, and contributing to the employee handbook.
Kiran Pentakota
IIT Kharagpur
Data Science
I have worked on two action recognition Problems and have implemented new architectures for both problems which gave promising results.
Swetha Swaminathan
Data Science
I worked here as an intern for 3 months and I learnt a lot about the application side on data science. I also got to connect with a lot of people and felt like a part of the nichesolv family.
Prateek Gummaraju
Data Science
Working at NicheSolv was a great experience as I got to work on a live project, which pushed me to test and improve my skills. As Ragoth likes to put it, 'I put you in the deep end of the pool.' More importantly, it taught me how to approach solving complex problems. The other great takeaway from my time with NicheSolv was networking. I got to learn a lot about what is in the industry, what skills are important to pick up, what a career trajectory can look like, the day to day work of different departments and projects, and much more just by interacting with other employees.
Jyotirmay Singh
IIT Kharagpur
Data Science
Overwhelming and enriching experience. The vibrant work environment provided ample opportunities for learning and growth. I had the privilege of learning a lot from Ragoth, Vishak, and Ezhilarasan, who were incredibly supportive and instrumental in my development. I am grateful for the invaluable knowledge and experiences gained during my time at NicheSolv.
Ashwini Arun
University of Illinois
Data Science
It was great and very fulfilling, as I was able to experience a professional work environment while developing skills that would be valuable to my future endeavors. Additionally, I received helpful mentorship and exposure to real-world problem solving
Abhirama CS
Jain University
I personally loved working as an intern at NicheSolv and had a very unique experience, I have gained a good amount of practical working knowledge of my domain and liked how they used to be mentored and trained. Overall the work culture and the environment was great.
Veda D
Ashoka University
Data Science
My experience at Nichesolv featured working on the ACE app which offered me the opportunity to learn more about Computer Vision and increase my depth of understanding in the field of Machine Learning. This provided me a great opportunity to understand a more applicative nature of Deep Learning which often can not be found in courses.
Harshith Senthilkumaran
The International School Bangalore
Data Science
I had great fun working with the team on an innovative project like ACE. I would definitely do an internship here again if I could.
Pragna R Kumar
Software Engineer
I had an amazing experience. The people were nice and very welcoming. I learnt so much about how industries work and Java. Overall a good learning experience and industrial exposure for me. I'd like to thank NicheSolv for this opportunity and my mentor who guided me through my work.
Anika Agarwal
BITS Pilani
Software Engineer
I had a great time learning how to work in an office environment, how to meet assignment deadlines and commit to the assignments. Coming to the assignments, I was given Java assignments which were very wholesome and with every assignment, the agenda is not only what the name of the assignmnet tells you but much more. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and the mentorship recieved was priceless.
Pavan Surya Sri Sai Vemuri
Software Engineer
I am very happy to be an intern at NicheSolv and had great learning during my internship period in NicheSolv. NicheSolv also conducts various tech talks, experience talks and talks on interpretation of books, which leads to getting awareness on latest technologies. Very grateful for the opportunity as well as the learning received during the internship.
Sourabh Kumar Nayak
Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology
Software Engineer
I would like to express my gratitude to whole Nichesoft team for helping me out during my intern period. I gained useful practical knowledge and skills, became more diligent and responsible and also I learned Teamwork, Problem Solving and Professionalism which will help me in the progress of my Career.
Navneeth M N
Data Science
It was an amazing experience to work at NicheSolv. The work environment is really good, managers and other employees are very friendly. Interns are treated at the same level as employees by inviting us to all the celebrations.
Rajesh B Todalbagi
Data Science
I had a great learning experience.Overall it was a fun and collaborative experience at NicheSolv.
Sathwik Reddy Gillella
Software Engineer
It was wonderful experience working at NicheSolv.I loved the working atmosphere.
Sai Gayathri Krishnan
Software Engineer
I really enjoyed my experience working here at nichesoft, the exposure I got during my internship here was very valuable. In addition to the work I did, I am very grateful for the learning experience and opportunity.
Ganashree D
Software Engineer
Nichesoft is a good company to work and it provides a lot of opportunities for freshers to learn and explore new things. My overall experience has been amazing it has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow my skills and it has added a number of values to my life.I am thankful for Nichesoft for providing me an internship opportunity though I worked there for 2 months I carry a lot of knowledge from here to my future so I am glad to provide feedback about work experience in Nichesoft.
Mohammed Omar Khan
Software Engineer
I was working on a data science project under Dr. Ragoth Sundararajan. We had regular meetings where Natraj sir would join us too. They gave regular suggestions on how we could improve our work which not only made our development process easier, but also a fun one. I had a pleasant internship at Nichesoft where I had a great time working under excellent professionals and fellow interns alongside me. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about data science in a fun and collaborative environment
Animan Kumar
Software Engineer
At NicheSolv, I had the privilege of working on exciting projects alongside a team of experienced professionals. The environment enriched my skills and deepened my passion for this industry.
Nischal Singhal
Computer Vision
I was exposed to the development of Computer vision models for tennis ball tracking and court detection. Great learning experience for my early career and received required mentorship and freedom from the team. I worked on building computer vision tools for analysing tennis matches.
Niyathi Kamble
Data Science
I interned at NicheSolv from February - July 2021. As an intern, I worked in the Data Science department. I applied the concepts of Machine Learning and NLP to a binary classification problem. My internship at NicheSolv has significantly improved my knowledge of the workings of the technological world and left me with skills that will be useful throughout my career. Working first-hand to solve a real-world problem using machine learning has allowed me to realize its application and potential in the real world. I had a great experience working at NicheSolv, and am grateful for the opportunity to network with many intelligent people and build lasting relationships.
Faraz Ahmed
KLE Technological University
Computer Vision
I have been working in NicheSolv with very talented people around. I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have if I were to be in a different company where interns may not get the chance to be as hands-on as I have been able to. During my internship, I have worked on Computer vision and Deep Learning based approach to tennis action recognition. It has given me the chance to learn more about Data science and different technologies and how I can use my skills to help in various ways. It helped me to reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, focus, drive and ambition. In the end. it was a wonderful experience.
Jagriti Sachan
UI Designer
I worked at NicheSolv as a UI Designer and my internship experience has been wonderful! It helped me gain confidence as a professional. Interns at NicheSolv are given as much responsibility and opportunity as any other employee right from handling projects to client interactions. I learnt the required skills, ideas and professionalism here which will help me throughout my career. Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity for learning.
Meher Changlani
IIT Kharagpur
Computer Vision
I had a great learning experience. They gave me the chance to explore new fields in Machine Learning while working on an interesting project with several real-world applications. I was exposed to application of various Computer vision techniques including Object detection using YOLOv5 and line detection to detect tennis balls and other court related features.
Rasswanth Senthilkumar
React Js
NicheSolv is a place with talented and knowledgeable peers and a good place to kickstart a career. I worked as a React Js Developer Intern and I had a great learning experience along with gaining work experience. I was exposed to work on the Front-end implementation part of Creator Coin portal, developed components and refactored heavy components.
Shashwata Saha
UI/UX Designer
It's been a thrilling experience to work at NicheSolv. Always worked with the latest technologies, learnt a lot of principles, industry standards. It was never hard to talk to anyone about any issues I faced and finding the proper mentoring. I worked with React.js(JSX, TSX), grafana in Drishya (grafana plugin development) project, and also worked with Python, Flask, MongoDB to create the initial API in the JRS-API project. I designed screens and associated in developing user experience of Outer Quiz App v1, further I designed Logos for Ace App.
Yash Dodderi
Data Science
It was a great experience interning at NicheSolv. The hands-on experience is amazing. I got to work with various technologies and understand their practical implementation in depth. The mentoring was also very good and the team was very supportive. I also got to understand how to break the problem into smaller parts and also come up with a solution on my own as far as possible. I worked on modularization and packaging the ball tracking and in or out code base so that it can be suitable for deployment purposes.
Shayan Ghosh
Data Science
I had a very fulfilling learning experience during my intern`ship at NicheSolv, which has helped me greatly in making the transition from academia to industry. I was exposed not only to the latest machine learning models and computer vision techniques, but also to the friendly, informal but fast-paced work culture of startups. My learning and experience at NicheSolv has given me a very good start to a corporate career in data science. I worked on improving the performance of action recognition machine learning models, and on automating parameter detection in computer vision related software.
Ezhilarasan M
Nehru Memorial College
NicheSolv is a very good place to work. Anybody working here gains additional learning skills, development, and knowledge. Working here as an Intern was very helpful to me. During the internship period, I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap. I have also worked on testing tools such as Postman and have learnt how to write test cases. I was involved in testing process for various projects.
Santosh Ganesh
React Js
I had great experience working with NicheSolv and my internship experience was good. I worked as a React js developer and gained confidence on hands-on experience. I particularly liked the mentoring part in NicheSolv which will help me throughout my career. I was exposed to developing user interface components and implementing them on React.js workflows (such as Redux) and mobile applications. I also got involved in all stages of interface component design, from conception to final testing (React-testing library).

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